The Monkees return to tour in 2020 with new live album

music news 13/11/2019

The Monkees have announced they will be returning to tour in 2020. The three-week tour is titled an Evening With the Monkees. 

The tour will include Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith performing some of their favourite songs from their career. 

The tour is starting in April and they will be playing their favourites like “I’m a Believer,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “Daydream Believer.”

 Below is the tracklist:

1. “Last Train To Clarksville”

2. “Sunny Girlfriend”

3. “Mary, Mary”

4. “You Told Me”

5. “For Pete’s Sake”

6. “The Door Into Summer”

7. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”

8. “You Just May Be the One”

9. “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster”

10. “St. Matthew”

11. “Porpoise Song”

12. “Circle Sky”

13. “Me & Magdalena”

14. “Papa Gene’s Blues”

15. “Randy Scouse Git”

16. “Tapioca Tundra”

17. “Take A Giant Step”

18. “Auntie’s Municipal Court”

19. “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”

20. “Goin’ Down”

21. “Daydream Believer”

22. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”

23. “Listen To The Band”

24. “I’m A Believer”