WATCH: Queen’s Brian May plays and teaches Elvis’s ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ from Jailhouse Rock

Elvis 15/04/2020

During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Queen’s guitarist Brian May has been doing ‘micro-concerts’ hosted on his Instagram account - playing and teaching classic rock tunes on his guitar. 

For his tenth micro-concert, 72-year-old May taught an Elvis Presley classic ‘(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care’ from Jailhouse Rock. Playing the song himself, he then teaches the chords for people to play along at home.

After playing the song, May says in the video: “Old song sung by Elvis and Buddy Holly, written by Leiber and Stoller who wrote some amazing hits. It’s quite groovy I think!” 

“It was first seen in the film Jailhouse Rock with Elvis in it. And he sings it around a swimming pool and nobody pays attention, it’s really interesting.”

“It’s funny, you’d expect to see people jumping up and grooving. But I guess that’s part of the story, but he ends up in jail and he does Jailhouse Rock which is an amazing number,”

“Which we used to do as Queen as I seem to remember.”

The previous day, May played the Beatles’ classic ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ from the Help! album.

After the song he went on to praise John Lennon and The Beatles for being such an inspiration to him.

“John Lennon would be the first to admit he wasn’t the greatest guitar player in the world, but my god, was he one the great songwriters of our age,” he said. 

“Yeah, I love The Beatles…they are for me still, in a sense, The Bible. Everything that transpired in the rock and roll age that spurred me into action, was The Beatles really.”

“The Beatles as purveyors of art in its complete form – the production, the songwriting, the singing, the playing – to be are just the bee's knees and always will be.”

“Sadly kind of underrated by the present generation, I think, because I don’t think their catalogue was handled very well. But my god, there is magic in every single Beatles track that you could ever come across, which is a sort of light in the darkness for me sometimes.”