Buddy Holly concert poster from 1959 sells for over $200,000 at auction

music news 19/05/2020

A Minnesota woman once saved a Buddy Holly concert poster when she was 16 years old - a poster which sold at auction this month for $125,000 USD ($208,000 NZD).

Jan Bucek-Eggers took the concert poster after seeing Buddy Holly perform at the Kato Ballroom in Mankato during the ‘Winter Dance Party’ back in 1959.

It's just a crazy story. I saved it, that's how I looked at it.

Bucek-Eggers was a Waterville High School student at the time. 

A week later, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash. 

"It was just total disbelief."

Jan kept the concert poster for decades, eventually selling it to a collector about 15 years ago for an undisclosed amount. "He paid us a lot of money at the time,” she said. 

Eleven ‘Winter Dance Party’ shows were held prior to the plane crash, and only three posters from that particular tour are known to exist. 

"It's really strange," Bucek-Eggers said. "I mean I just couldn't believe it."