Mike Love reveals The Beach Boys may be reuniting for a 2021 60th anniversary tour

The Beach Boys 27/05/2020

Since The Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour in 2012, the band have been touring separately due to several disputes and lawsuits between the members. Fans of the band, who originally formed in 1961, had since lost hope of a reunion. 

'Wouldn't It Be Nice', 'Good Vibrations', 'I Get Around' and 'Surfin' USA'.

But in July 2018, Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks all reunited for a one-off Q&A session moderated by director Rob Reiner at the Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles - this was the first time the band had appeared together in public in 6 years. 

Mike described his new holiday album, Reason for the Season, as a "message to Brian" in December 2018, saying that he "would love nothing more than to get together with Brian and do some music."

Love has once again spoken out recently about being open to reuniting with his bandmates for a 60th anniversary tour next year. In an interview with the Rolling Stone, he said he is "not against anything like that" in terms of another Beach Boys reunion.

Anything that’s creative and done for positive reasons is good with me. We will continue thinking about stuff like that and see what we can do.

Back in March, band member Al Jardine had commented that another reunion tour "will happen", noting "we’ll probably do about 20 or 30 shows together next year", which Mike responded to saying the two of them had not spoken about that project "specifically".

"Al’s a really good singer, but he’s been travelling and performing with Brian Wilson, [and] Brian has some serious health issues. We are in a very fortunate and blessed position to be able to do music for a lifetime. It’s pretty amazing,” continued Mike. 

"I can remember when my cousin Brian was a young boy. He sang ‘Danny Boy’ sitting on my Grandma Wilson’s lap. So that’s how far back we go musically."

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Brian’s manager Jean Sievers said "no one has spoken to Brian about a 60th anniversary tour".