Fiona Adams, famous photographer of The Beatles has passed away

News 14/07/2020

Iconic photographer, Fiona Adams, who took the famous photo of The Beatles, has passed away. She passed in a hospice on the British island of Guernsey, on June 26th aged 84.

This photo was taken just before they gained worldwide fame and it is incredible.

Adams worked in London during the 50s and spent two years in Australia and then returned to London in 1962.

She had previously commented on this saying,

“I was walking around in a different world from the one I’d left a few years earlier,”

She met up with the Beatles in a London studio in 1963 while she was working for Boyfriend magazine, which was for teenage girls, the fans of The Beatles.

When speaking to Vogue, she said,

I just sat down next to them and said I was from Boyfriend magazine and would they mind coming up to the studio for a shoot the following week, and they said fine,

“It was as casual as that in those days. You didn’t have to go through a manager or any other official channel.”

She prefered shooting outdoors, and for this famous Beatles picture, she scouted a bombed-out building from World World War II which had fascinating angles.