Lego has just released a new art set featuring The Beatles.

News 06/07/2020

Lego announced a new line of “Lego Art” — a higher-end building set targeted towards adult fans.

The new product line will be available for purchase September 1st, it will launch with four themes: Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, Marvel Studios Iron Man, Star Wars “The Sith” and The Beatles.

“Music lovers can bring Beatle-fandom into the home with a Lego portrait of their favorite band member, whether it’s John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Sir Ringo Starr,” “Each set can be used to create four unique portraits or collect four and display the full band side-by-side.”

For Beatles fans, it’s a chance to create lasting pieces of art while reengaging with their favorite albums and songs of all time.

“Emulate the vibes of the transcendental meditation retreat that inspired ‘The White Album.’ Tap into your creativity, surrender to the moment and build at your own pace, tile by tile,” the site says.

The Beatles Lego Art set also comes with a soundtrack, designed to “immerse you in stories and unexpected details about the band.”

Each set is priced at $119.99usd, equalling a price tag of roughly $480usd if you wanted to display all four members