Fleetwood Mac respond to viral video of man lip syncing to 'Dreams'

music news 02/10/2020

Nathan Apodaca's TikTok video went viral a couple days ago and it featured a clip of him on his skateboard cruising on the highway, chugging Ocean Spray straight out of the bottle, and jamming to Fleetwood Mac's hit song "Dreams".

His video has reached a bunch of new listeners on the internet and as a result, has bumped up listernership stats for 'Rumours'. According to Rolling Stone, the track 'Dreams' was at an average of 49k daily streams but three days after Nathan Apadocada's TikTok got posted, average daily streams was at 105K. As a result, sales went up 184%.

Fleetwood Mac has since responded:

We love it!

Spotify streams also rose 127%, including a 242% increase in first-time "Dreams" listeners. Apple also reported a 221% increase in streams for the song and Shazam, a whopping 1,137% increase for the track.

According to reports, Nathan Apodaca has received a $10K donation in total after posting hit TikTok.