New Buddy Holly' Clear Lake' biopic confirmed

music news 20/11/2020

A brand new biopic on Buddy Holly is moving forward with it's production after announcing that actor Ruairi O'Connor will be portraying as the rock 'n' roll pioneer.

Rapper Nelly will be co-starring with O'Connor as Chuck Berry and Colin Hanks has been casted as Norman Petty, the manager and producer for Holly. Diane Guerrero will be playing as Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly.

"We looked at hundreds and hundreds of audition tapes for the Buddy Holly role and interviewed some tremendously talented actors and musicians, but Ruairi's audition really stood out," producer Rick French told Variety. "He's a terrific young actor who exudes charisma, and he's also a very accomplished musician who our team believes can handle this very challenging role.

The biopic title is taken after the Iowa town where Holly was killed in a plane crash in February 1959 along with Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson. The movie will be focusing on Holly's life, while telling the story of music's role during the civil rights struggle. Approved by Holly's estate, his widow, Maria will be serving as an associate producer.

Check out the side by side photos of the actors and the real life characters below.

Ruairi O'Conner (L), Buddy Holly (R)
Nelly (L), Chuck Berry (R)
Diane Guerrero (L), Maria Elena Holly (R)
Colin Hanks (L), Norman Petty (R)