Google maps directs Beatles fans to wrong zebra crossing

Must See 18/07/2022

Many people, be it a Beatles fan or not, know the iconic album cover of 'Abbey Road' where the Beatles members walk on the zebra crossing. 

Many people have recreated the band's 1969 Abbey Road album cover on zebra crossings, some have even recreated them on the actual road, and some may have recreated on the wrong ones thinking it was the actual one. 

Well turns out when you search "Abbey Road" on Google maps, it takes you to a "notable street" but to the wrong zebra crossing in Abbey road. Even Uber drivers have left travellers at the wrong spot to take pictures after following the Google maps' faulty directions. 

The wrong crossing that google maps shows// Google

Abbey Road residents have told how Beatles tourist fans visit the wrong zebra crossing because of Google maps' wrong directions.

"We wanted to come here and get the picture but Google Maps showed us the wrong one. We'll keep them as a memory" Sieun Kim, a tourist who visited the crossing told The Telegraph.

""That's embarrassing, we were taking a picture on a random spot" Leilani May, another traveller said. 

We were wondering why nobody else was here. It's Google Maps' fault.

"We are both Beatles fans and wanted the picture so we came here but Google Maps sent us to the wrong place. We are going back tomorrow" Oscar Muñoz said. 

A worker at the restaurant right oppisite to the 'wrong Abbey Road crossing' said "It's serious when you go back to your country and realise it's not the right one".

So if you'd like to get to the correct cross walk in the future, you'll have to search for "The Beatles crosswalk" on Google Maps. 

The correct zebra crossing// Google

People who have searched for "Abbey Road" were directed to another random crosswalk.