First Masterchef NZ 2015 judge is Al Brown

Restaurateur and chef Al Brown will join the 2015 series of MasterChef New Zealand. For the very first time on TV3, MasterChef New Zealand will bring together the best group of amateur cooks the competition has ever seen. 
“I’m excited to be part of a new chapter for MasterChef New Zealand,” says Al. “This series is going to create a fun, supportive and engaging environment for the contestants, with a real focus on showcasing some of our best and brightest local producers. I hope we can take the MasterChef experience to a whole new level and give it an added edge from the brand new kitchen headquarters.”
The culinary bar will be set high, and Al’s first job will be to select the top 24 home cooks to join him and two fellow yet-to-be-announced judges in the MasterChef kitchen.