Elvis Presely hologram to perform 15 shows next year

Elvis Presely will be returning to the stage next year in a whole new form thanks to the wonders of today's modern technology.
According to a recent interview, a hologram of Elvis Presely is currently being created for a use in a live concert setting.
The company that are creating the hologram, Pulse Evolution, currently own the rights to creating holograms of Presely, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. 
They were responsible for last year's jaw-dropping Michael Jackson hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards. 
If the Jackson hologram is any indication of what to expect at the Presely shows, it's no exaggeration to expect the tickets to sell out in seconds.
There is no word yet on which version of Presley will grace the stage in Las Vegas, but one would imagine it would be an early 1970s Elvis.