Ringo Starr admits he is a fan of the selfie

Ringo Starr admits that he is a fan of the selfie phenomenon. 
The Beatles' star recently re-discovered an archive of photographs that he had taken during his time with the band. The photographs were later put on display at The National Portrait Gallery. 
Starr spoke out at the launch of the exhibition, saying that he had been an avid photographer since the age of 19 and that he still kept his hobby up.
When asked if he was a fan of the selfie, he replied, "Yes! I'm afraid I am!"
"The interesting thing is when I'm touring is when you first come on stage nobody's really interested. They're all looking at you, filming you, looking at their little screen."  
Ringo Starr is also releasing a book in conjunction with the exhibition, titled 'Photograph'. It will be published on 21 September.
[Photo: AAP]