Keith Richards: "I'm just like any other old bloke", The Rolling Stones talk technology

If you can send a text, work the Sky remote or use a GPS, you can count yourself a scholar in this technological age.
If you struggle with the above, no worries, neither can The Rolling Stones and it hasn't stopped them from remaining one of the most popular bands of all time.
There's no doubt the remaining band members, Mick Jagger (72), Charlie Watts (74), Keith Richards (71) and Ronnie Wood (68) have kept the optimum of youthfulness - donning skinny jeans, the latest Nike sneakers and partying until early hours of the morning, but the guys still request a set of written instructions for hotel electronics.
Keith Richards described himself as, "any other old bloke" and said he was very happy pottering round the garden watering his plants.
Flick through the gallery to view their unusual hotel and dressing room requests... 
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