People swim metres away from shark in knee-deep water

News 02/03/2017

A species of shark known to attack humans has been spotted in shallow waters at an iconic Melbourne beach as swimmers splashed around just metres away.

The shark, which is thought to be a mako, is known to be an opportunistic predator that's speed, size and power allows it to injure and kill large prey, including humans.

However footage of the incident showed those at Brighton Beach wading through water less than 10 metres away and children standing on the shore in even closer proximity.

The shark, which appears to measure somewhere between one and two metres, eventually swam off - and no one was attacked.

Brighton Beach is hugely a popular coastal area on account of it being one of the closest beaches to Melbourne's CBD.

Mako sharks were responsible for at least 42 attacks between 1980 and 2010 - three of which were fatal.