Kiwi-designed watercar goes for a drive in Wellington

News 28/04/2017

For those sick of the five o'clock commute, this Kiwi-designed craft could be the answer.

The Gibbs Aquada is an amphibious sports car designed by New Zealand engineer Alan Gibbs and built between 2003 and 2004.

Only 50 were ever made - and three of them will be on display in Wellington this week as part of the 'MTA100: Car Show of The Century.'

Gibbs' latest vehicle is a utility vehicle called the TerraQuad, which can reach speeds of 80km/h on water.

Gibbs Amphibians Chief Engineer Simon Longhill says the TerraQuad is an ideal vehicle for emergency responses.

"We've seen a lot of the flooding in different areas recently.. Edgecumbe, other places in Australia and around the world.

For a first-responder type vehicle it can very quickly get to a place via land, via water - pick up people, pick up cargo, move goods around, we see it as an absolutely ideal vehicle."