Listeners decide who's better: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones

Magic 24/04/2017

The age old debate of who is better between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles continues on, after Magic fans made a unanimous decision on Facebook over the weekend.

It was the anniversary of the day The Beatles met their foes, The Stones, for the first time at a Stones gig at the Crawdaddy Club in England.

We asked you who your favourite between the two was, and with the results in we can reveal that The Beatles are the favourite.

With over 50% of votes saying they preffered the fab four, beating The Stones who managed 38% of votes.

Voters were adament that The Beatles were best, with Andrew saying "The Beatles, hands down one of the greatest bands ever."

While others who couldn't disagree, but still enjoyed The Rolling Stones said "Absolutely both - the Yin and the Yang" and "Love both but love the Beatles more!"

Did they get it right?
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