Ringo Starr believes The Beatles will always be bigger than Justin Bieber

News 13/04/2017

It's the classic battle between music legends of the past and the current day - and now Beatles drummer and songwriter Ringo Starr has weighed in on the debate over whether his old band or Justin Bieber is bigger.

While there is little doubt over the Beatles' place in music history, what isn't known is who would be more popular if both the Fab 4 and Bieber were around at the same time.

In 2015, Bieber broke the Beatles' record of having 14 tracks in the Hot 100, getting 17 tracks of his own on the list - a moment that caused many to consider the 'Sorry' hitmaker had surpassed the Beatles.

But when a TMZ reporter asked whether Justin Bieber or the Beatles would open for the other if the two acts were touring together in their prime, Starr had a decisive answer.

"Justin," he said with conviction. "All the way, brother. But we love Justin - that's a question I'm not gonna answer."

The 'Octopus's Garden' songwriter was asked the question after dining with The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh in Los Angeles on April 11 (local time).