The story behind Elvis' fear of flying & how he got over it

On This Day 11/04/2017

The story behind Elvis' fear of flying is a strange one, mainly because the King of Rock and Roll actually loved flying, always travelling to Hawaii for concerts and taking small trips here and there.

It all started on this day in 1956, flying from Amarillo to Nashville, the plane that Elvis was on developed engine trouble and was forced to make an emergency landing.

This moment is believed to have shaken the rock star, giving him a fear of flying early in his career.

Speaking to Larry King, Priscilla Presley confirmed the fear saying, "He did. He had a fear of flying, and his mother didn't really want him flying either. So he stopped for a while."

Elvis did get over his fear, even naming a plane after his daughter "Lisa Marie" which he would constantly fly around America.

Many theories have come out as to how he got over his fear.

People believe that after the passing of his mother, Elvis became more spiritual and looked at death as just a passing over to another place and time.

Some say he never had a fear and others believe he naturally got over it.