ANZAC DAY: Lest We Forget

ANZAC 25/04/2017

ANZAC Day is a time to remember those who have gone before us  and those who will continue to serve us. From our current and ex-service personnel, to the NZ Police, and their families.

Poppies help remind us of the sacrifices that are made by both past and present and are used all over the world to symbolize rememberence and hope.

Recently, a women from the UK had dropped the pin which keeps her poppy stuck to her coat, saw a poppy seller and asked if he wouldn't mind giving her a new pin. The story that follows has been going viral around the internet since.

Photo credit: Getty Images

"A lovely military man selling poppies stopped me today and asked if he could reposition mine – while doing so he told me that women should wear their poppy on their right side; the red represents the blood of all those who gave their lives, the black represents the mourning of those who didn’t have their loved ones return home, and the green leaf represents the grass and crops growing and future prosperity after the war destroyed so much. 

The leaf should be positioned at 11 o’clock to represent the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time that World War One formally ended. He was worried that younger generations wouldn’t understand this and his generation wouldn’t be around for much longer to teach them.

I’m really pleased to have learnt some things today that I didn’t know before, although I must admit I’ve spent a rather obsessive afternoon wanting to rearrange quite a few strangers’ poppies."

With the ANZAC Day on Tuesday, make sure you get out to find a poppy and take some time out to pay respect to those who went before us, and will continue into the future.