Coro Street actor behind Alec Gilroy dies

News 02/06/2017

Coronation Street star, Roy Barraclough who played Alec Gilroy has died aged 81.

Barraclough played landlord Alec, husband to show legend Bet between 1972 and 1998.

He is also well known for his double act Cissie and Ada with comedian Les Dawson.

His last acting role was as Mr Granger in the 2016 remake of Are You Being Served? He was awarded an MBE for his services to drama and charity in the North West in 2006.

Alec and Bet Gilroy were an iconic Coronation Street duo, known for their bickering and hilarious scenes. Alec’s miserable and miserly attitude was a perfect contrast to Bet’s lively outlook on life but it was destined to fail when Bet refused to move away with Alec when he got a new job in 1992.

He returned in 1996 and started a bitter war with Jack and Vera Duckworth after he edged them out of the Rovers. He eventually sold the pub again and left Coro Street for good.

He recently admitted that he no longer watches the show and in 2016, he warned that the move to six episodes would be ‘overkill’.

Coronation Street executive producer Kieran Roberts said: ‘Roy was a delightful person as well as a wonderful actor and will be greatly missed by all of us connected with the programme. The fact that the character of Alec Gilroy was at the heart of the show for so many years and was held in such affection by so many fans is a tribute to Roy’s genius, for drama as well as comedy.'