50 years ago The Beatles debut 'All You Need Is Love' on national TV

music news 27/06/2017

Back in 1967 The Beatles were at the height of their career, the were the biggest band in the world and their fan base was huge.

Their iconic album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club had just been released and was topping the charts.

A few months on the band released a single from the album that had a great message and helped encourage change around the world.

The band took to National Television and debuted their hit 'All You Need Is Love' on BBC June 25th 1967.

The broadcast spanned 5 continents, and was aired in nearly 20 countries. The lyrics speak for themselves, and preach how all the world really needs is love. Ringo Starr spoke about how the song still resonates with him today.

“We were big enough to command an audience of that size, and it was for love. It was for love and bloody peace. It was a fabulous time. I even get excited now when I realize that’s what it was for: peace and love, people putting flowers in guns.“- Starr said.

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