Sir Cliff Richard warns of online impersonators scamming fans for money

News 24/07/2017

There is only one Sir Cliff Richard - and he isn't trying to trick you out of your money.

The 76-year-old's management warned his fans online that a string of fake Facebook and Twitter pages set up in Sir Cliff's name, and were attempting to trick his followers.

The fake sites were said to be trying to ask fans to transfer cash for access into non-existent fan club memberships and updates.

"It has come to our attention that there are people purporting to be Sir Cliff on Twitter and Facebook, who have befriended fans and in some cases tried to trick them into handing over money," his official Facebook page stated.

"PLEASE NOTE, Cliff does NOT have a Twitter account and does not Tweet! Neither is he associated with any of these accounts which are using his name."

"We suggest that you do not accept any friendship request from any account that uses the name of 'Cliff Richard'."

A number of real fans said that they had been approached by the fraud accounts with Facebook friend requests.

“I must admit I was nearly drawn into that, but realised that when they asked for money that it was a scam and didn’t go any further with it and that Cliff would not ask fb fans for money. So please be very careful Cliff fans don’t get taken in," said one Facebook fan.

Genuine Cliff Richard websites have also urged fans to be careful and to check the difference between fake pages and real tribute pages, saying that genuine tribute pages will never ask for money.