How the Royal Family found out that Princess Diana had died

Must See 30/08/2017

On August 31, 1997 Princess Diana died.

Britain's Ambassador to France, Lord Jay had the task of telling Buckingham Palace Princess Diana was dead.

The French interior minister told him the news which he then had to relay to the Queen.

He said he did not believe the British public would accept the way Diana died.

Speaking during ITV's Diana: The Day Britain Cried, he said: "It was about 6.30 in the morning when the French interior minister was taken aside and he turned to me and was visibly moved.

"He took me aside and said regrettably she had died.

"That she should die in the most benile way possible, in a drink-drive accident in a concrete underpass on a Saturday night is something people were not going to accept.

That’s not something which happens to your fairytale princess."

At 1am on Sunday August 31st, Graham Craker, a Metropolitan Police officer who served as a bodyguard for young Prince William and Prince Harry for 15 years until retiring in 2001, took a call that change their lives.

He said: “I crept down the stairs to the house phone and dialled the duty office at Buckingham Palace.

“They then said there were reports there’d been an accident and Dodi al-Fayed had been killed and the princess had a broken arm.”

After the family later learned Diana had died, Mr Craker added: “It was disbelief really and obviously a great deal of sorrow.

“You try and deal with it as best you can but you do get quite emotional about it.”

Source: Express UK