Hugh Hefner's son says it's hard to watch his dad struggle

News 05/09/2017

Hugh Hefner's youngest son, Cooper, 25, has talked about his father's health struggles in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The 91 year old founder of Playboy hasn't been seen in public in over a year and is said to be having back problems.

Just a couple of months ago, it was reported that he only had weeks to live but he seems to be doing well for his age.

Cooper said: "It's tough to watch him struggle, but I'm just happy it's physical and not mental."

The only photos of Hugh from 2017 have been three photos on his younger sons' social media. 

Cooper shared a photo with his dad for Father's Day, and older brother Marston, 27, shared one earlier this month.

All the photos were taken when there father was playing backgammon.

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