Dolly Parton is killing it with her "Jolene" meme on Twitter

News 31/08/2018

For the first time ever, Dolly Parton has broken into Billboard's Social 50 chart with a meme.

The 72-year-old country queen sits on #31 on the rank, with over 4 million Twitter followes. Recently, she has posted a meme related to her hit song "Jolene". 

The Distracted Boyfriend meme is based on a stock image of a man turning around to oogle at a passing woman while his girlfriend looks at him in disgust. Online users would then add tags/labels to each person in the photo to represent something.

You can see Parton's meme below:

The post attracted over 157,000 reactions on Twitter. "Jolene" is a song that resonated with many women when it was first released, and it is still relevant to the younger generation today.