Lisa Marie Presley still asks dad Elvis for help

Elvis 02/10/2018

In a recent interview to promote her new duet with her dad Elvis - 'Where No One Stands Alone' - Lisa Marie Presley, 50, revealed that she still asks him for guidance in her life.

"I wouldn't say I talk to him... I just remember everything. I can sort of pull out of the files whatever memories I have and stuff like that. And occasionally ask for help. Which was the case with this record. I just felt like a hand come down to me, it felt like that a little bit," she said.

She also admitted it was emotional to record the new duet version of Elvis's song.

"It's never pleasant to sing and cry. You just can't do that in a good way. I had to keep my composure, but I felt very connected to him and to the song."

Only nine years old when her dad passed away, Lisa said she had recently learned of a gorgeous quote her dad once said about being a father:

"There was a quote on the wall as I was leaving the [new Graceland] exhibit, it said something like, 'Becoming a father is the best thing that's ever happened to me.' I had never seen it before, last night was the first time I saw it, so that was really cool," she said.