Paul McCartney confirms who broke up The Beatles

The Beatles 17/09/2018

Numerous reasons have been labelled as the cause of the 'Beatles Break-Up', but Paul McCartney has simply named who caused the Fab Four to split in 1970.

After DJ Howard Stern explained how no one 'really' knows who really broke The Beatles up, Paul McCartney said knew.

“I do,” said the 76-year-old. “John."

"And he tried to pin it all on you?" questioned Howard Stern.

I don't think anyone tried to pin it on me, it just came out that way.

"There was a meeting where John came in and said ‘Hey guys I am leaving the group’," Sir Paul explained.

"He had found Yoko and John loved strong women. His mother was a strong woman, his aunty who brought him up was a strong woman but, bless her, his first wife wasn’t a strong woman”.

Paul admitted it was hard for the others when John invited in Yoko.

“John had met up with Yoko and even though we thought it was intrusive, because she used to sit in on sessions and we had never had anything like that, but the guy was totally in love with her."

"You have to respect that.”