'Monty Python' founder credits The Beatles for saving 'Life of Brian'

The Beatles 29/11/2018

'Monty Python' co-founder Eric Idle is a British comedy legend, known for producing some of the world’s most famous sketches.

But his best-known work, the 1979 film 'Life of Brian', wouldn't have gone ahead had it not been for The Beatles.

His new “sortabiography” entitled 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', explained that The Beatles guitarist George Harrison "changed [Eric's] life".

Talking on an Australian radio station, Eric opened up and shared that 'Life Of Brian' wouldn't have gone ahead if it weren't for George putting his money on the line to fund the film.

“He mortgaged his house for $4.5 million and put it all for the budget of 'Life of Brian', explained Eric Idle.

“Otherwise it would never have been made, still.”

Hear how George Harrison and Eric Idle became friends, as well as his theory into George's traumatic home invasion in the video below.