Aretha Franklin documentary released after 46 years

News 19/11/2018

An Aretha Franklin documentary that's been shelved for 46 years has finally been released. Titled 'Amazing Grace', the documentary captures Franklin's 1972 performance at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in LA. 

The film was originally set to be a companion piece to Franklin's gospel album of the same name, but due to technical issues it remained unreleased to the public.

Debuting this week at documentary film festival DOC NYC in New York, the film was only perfected the week prior to screening according to producer Alan Elliott: “The geeky version is that we had a 5.1 mix that we weren’t happy with. Jimmy [Douglas, renowned audio engineer] wasn’t happy when we did a mix three years ago, so we wanted to do a stereo mix with him and get it right. We finished the DCP Friday afternoon.”

Legendary drummer Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, who can be seen onscreen playing at the historic New Temple Missionary Baptist Church concert, attended the premiere, commenting of Aretha: “She loved [this film], but they couldn’t get things together at the time. It’s really that simple.”

You can watch the trailer for the film below: