Linda Thompson shares her rare photo of Elvis Presley

Elvis 07/11/2018

It's been more than 40 years since they parted ways but actress Linda Thompson still pays tribute to her former boyfriend Elvis Presley on her social media account.

The actress/singer who dated the King of Rock N Roll for 4 and a half years, shared a rare snap of her and Elvis boarding a plane.

Captioning the shot "Fabulous Flashback Friday", the 68-year-old former beauty queen posted on Instagram the couple boarding one of Elvis's private planes, the 'Lisa Marie', from one of "hundreds of times" they flew together.

The Convair 880 included a conference room, master bedroom, and gold-plated bathroom fixtures, according to a 2015 auction listing.

The King named the jet after his only daughter with Priscilla Presley, but it also went by the nickname "Flying Graceland." It currently remains on display at the actual Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, along with his other custom aeroplane, the Hound Dog II.

Linda Thompson was together with Elvis between 1972 to 1976, citing Elvis's extramarital affairs and drug abuse issues eventually caused their relationship to break down.

"I did not break up with him because I didn't love him anymore," she wrote in her 2016 memoir. "I'll probably love him till the day I die. In fact, I'm sure I will. There's always a place in my heart for him. But I wanted more for my life. I wanted to be a mother."