Michael Jackson and Elvis still topping highest earning dead celebrities list

News 20/11/2018

Michael Jackson is still topping the list of highest earning dead celebrities for the sixth year in a row, nine years after his death, with Elvis Presley coming in a close second.

The late King of Pop's estate reportedly earned about $585 million NZD in 2017, which was largely boosted by the sale of his lucrative stake in EMI Music Publishing. After his passing in 2009, Michael has made a total of $3.4 billion NZD.

The original King, Elvis Presley, was second on the list, securing earnings of $58 million NZD. This was largely from record sales and the development of a new entertainment complex in his Graceland home, named Elvis Presley's Memphis. 

The full list as reported by Forbes was as follows:

  • Michael Jackson: $585 million NZD
  • Elvis Presley: $58 million NZD
  • Arnold Palmer: $51 million NZD
  • Charles Schulz: $50 million NZD
  • Bob Marley: $33 million NZD
  • Dr. Seuss: $23 million NZD
  • Hugh Hefner: $22 million NZD
  • Marilyn Monroe: $20 million NZD
  • Prince: $19 million NZD
  • John Lennon: $17 million NZD