Christchurch Post Office refuses to close up shop

Must See 29/11/2018

As New Zealand Post closes local post shops around the country, one tiny operation in Christchurch could buck the trend.

The Stanmore Rd post shop is operated almost entirely by a team of volunteers who say they're not going anywhere.

It's the post done the old fashioned way, with letters sorted by hand and locals serving locals. 

"This neighbourhood has a number of people who are elderly and people with disabilities or low income people, and it's a really critical place they can come," says Jenny Smith, co-ordinator of Te Whare Roimata Trust that operates the shop. 

The last operator retired and couldn't sell the store, and put a call out for help. Ms Smith responded and kept the shop open with her band of passionate postal volunteers. 

"Awesome place bro, I come here every week and I send seafood up to my father," a customer told Newshub. 

"You sort of create friendships and connections."

New Zealand Post is to close all remaining 79 shops across the country, wrapping them with banks, bookstores and pharmacies. 

That means Linwood could be the only local post shop left in the country, thanks to its 16 volunteers.

"Local people come here and they are very friendly and warm-hearted," says Stanmore Rd post shop volunteer Qiong Ge. 

Ms Smith says they'll be fine because the store pays its own way. 


"Our understanding is we won't be touched," she says. 

Service is set to continue as normal, sent with smile, at the Stanmore Rd post shop.