Watch: Auckland's own tornado spotted off beach

NZ 21/11/2018

A water spout has been spotted just off the shore of Auckland's Takapuna beach last night, adding to the wild weather New Zealand has seen in the last week.

Spotted just before 6:30pm, a video obtained by Newshub captured the moment it built up, touched down and then disappeared.

The footage was filmed from a house on the North Shore.

According to National Geographic, this phenomenon occurs when there is condensation in the clouds. It can then either form into a tornadic water spout, or a fair-weather one. 

Thanks to the wild spring weather New Zealand has seen of the last week, these occurrences are very normal.

A MetService spokesperson told Newshub that whenever there's a thunderstorm, there's a risk of a tornado forming.

On Sunday last week, a rather large tornado passed north of Ashburton, astounding locals and tourists travelling through the area.

MetService warned locals it was sizeable enough to warn residents to stay of the roads and look out for blown-out windows.