'I got it wrong': Duncan Garner apologises to Northland café

The AM Show 23/01/2019

Duncan Garner has issued a public apology to a little Northland café after a public fracas over the time it cook them to cook his eggs.

During a discussion on how to complain as a customer, The AM Show host said he was driving through Omapere when he pulled over for a feed with his son.

"Waiting for breakfast for Buster. I didn't want it, he wanted some. Even that annoyed me, that he wanted breakfast," Garner said on Wednesday morning.

"So I order him some eggs and after half an hour it hadn't come. There were two other people at the shop.

"I went to the counter and I said 'have you started cooking this guy's eggs?'"

But to Garner's great dismay, they told him they hadn't started and were cooking another customer's first.

"They were cooking one, by one, by one, by one... not cooking four, but cooking one to get that done then start again," he says.

"I was really frustrated and I said 'man that's bloody useless. You've got to cook it all at once.' I gave them advice, and then I just walked out and we drove home in the end."

It's unclear if Buster was eventually fed. Garner says it caused "a bit of a fuss" and he would like to apologise.

"I got it wrong, I was rude and I'm sorry," he says.

"If they remember the incident, that was me. I'm sorry for that. But you can't wait 40 minutes for some eggs on toast when there's only three other people in the shop!"

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