'Most of us are idiots': Mark Richardson's rationale for four-year terms

The AM Show 25/01/2019

The AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson has made his case for why New Zealand should extend its elections to every four years.

On Friday, The AM Show asked listeners whether New Zealand should increase future government terms to four years - and over two-thirds of listeners said yes.

"The fact of the matter is - most of us are idiots. We're not skilled up enough to run the country," Richardson said to his co-hosts.

"Once we vote these people in, don't make them overly accountable to us. Allow them to run the country."

Duncan Garner agreed, citing that it's impossible for the government to complete projects in the first year anyway.

"The more I think of it, the more I think four years is the right length of time."

Amanda Gillies also pointed out that a government's final year in Parliament is spent campaigning for the next election.

"So give them two good years to actually do their job."

Watch the full video above.

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