Magic Talk: Your new home of talk radio. Join the conversation

We’re trying something new, a radio station that has two channels: Magic Music AND Magic Talk. From January 19th, Magic Talk joins the Magic brand and will be your home to share your views

Over on Magic Talk you'll find...

  • The AM Show with Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson & Amanda Gillies (6-9am)
  • Peter Williams (9-12pm)
  • Sean Plunket (12-3pm)
  • Ryan Bridge (3-6pm)
  • Newshub at 6 Simulcast (6-7pm)
  • Leah Panapa (7-11pm)
  • Tony Amos (overnight)

Plus popular farming show Rural Exchange will be heard now from 6am-8am Saturday/Sunday and Home & Garden from 8am-11am.

So tune in and join the Magic Talk conversation with us either on-air (0800 844 747), text (3920 followed by your message), Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Plus find your Magic Talk frequency here or download our app rova to listen on the go.