Peter Williams defends baby boomers after being labelled 'greedy' by Plunket

News 01/02/2019
Peter Williams in Magic Talk's Auckland studio..

Magic Mornings host Peter Williams has defended the baby Bboomers and his decision to sign up for superannuation, after receiving backlash from his colleague.

On Thursday, Magic Afternoons host Sean Plunket accused Williams of being a "greedy boomer" for applying for the government retirement scheme.

Plunket asked how Williams intended to "suck on the public tit for the rest of your life, when you have got enough money to live quite comfortably in retirement?"

But Williams told his listeners on Friday that baby boomers were unfairly attacked, and that even Plunket himself was a boomer.

"We had the advantages of a cheap education... when it came to buy a house, yes they were far more affordable than they are now... We have been able to take advantage of house price inflation," Williams admitted.

But he said it hasn't been smooth sailing for a generation that is becoming synonymous with greed and wealth.

"Remember also the pain along the way, the risks we took especially in the 1980s with rampant inflation pushing up the costs of mortgages to ridiculous levels."

He said there was sometimes a need for two or three mortgages back then, which took a huge chunk off pay cheques.

"Having a bit of comparative wealth through housing now is nothing more than a wee reward for the real pain that some of us went through 30 years ago."

He said the baby boomer generation worked hard for their money and taking superannuation is his right once he turns 65, no matter how well-off he may be.

"We saved hard for it, we didn't indulge in the coffee, the smashed avocado and the binge drinking culture that is so prevalent today.

"Kids, young people in their 20s today, they all expect to own a car, have a TV in their own room and have a computer and a mobile phone. That's fair enough... but 'baby boomers' had to pay way more for such things in our younger lives."

He said that "despite what my friend Sean Plunket may think, I am not 'rolling in it'."

"Come on Sean, you are only 10 years away from your pension payments too. Will you really be turning it away when you're 65?"

Newshub/Magic Talk.