Trans listener hears estranged son for first time in 10 years on air

News 30/01/2019

When a Hawke's Bay man called to talk about his estranged transgender father, he wasn't expecting her to be listening to the radio.

"All of a sudden [my father] rings me up and says he wants to be a female," Lance told Magic Talk. "And that affected me quite a lot."

Lance hasn't spoken to his father ever since, telling Sean Plunket that "you can't change a gender".

"As far I'm concerned, I've lost a father."

But Lance's father, Gemma, was listening to Magic Talk the entire time. She called in shortly after Lance to explain her side of the story.

"I haven't heard from him. I had a 70th birthday, and nothing. We had a 48th wedding anniversary - nothing. I just think he's got a big problem."

"He's got the problem, not me. I'll speak to him anytime he wants to."

Listen to the calls from Lance and Gemma above.

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