Don Brash's Waitangi speech wasn't a setup - organiser Reuben Taipari

News 08/02/2019

Waitangi organiser Reuben Taipari insists his invitation for Don Brash to speak was not a setup.

The Hobson's Pledge leader spoke at Te Tii marae on Tuesday before Waitangi Day - only to be heckled throughout. It was discovered shortly after that one of the protesters with a megaphone was Mr Taipari's wife, Heeni Hoterene.

Mr Taipari told Magic Talk that she hadn't told him that she was even going to attend Mr Brash's speech, and she has a mind of her own.

"Nobody tells her what to do. Nobody tells her to do setups. She's got her own mana.

"There's no way she listens to me, Sean.­"

Don Brash told Magic Talk on Thursday that he doesn't think it was a setup, and was impressed that he even had received the invitation. 

Listen to the full interview above. 

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