Duncan Garner: Greedy corporates deserve everything they're getting

Opinion 05/02/2019

By Duncan Garner, The AM Show host

OPINION: The consumer has never been so powerful in the face of corporate greed or underhand business tactics. We finally have the authorities listening and even trying to act on our behalf.

The life insurance sector has been smashed open and humiliated and ticket reseller Viagogo is in court for scams that broke hearts and ruined peoples' nights.

We can walk away from our power company to get a better deal and we're doing market studies on the petrol companies to see if we're being ripped off.

I like turning the tables on these people. They don't deserve our money and custom if they want to be so tricky.

Look at the inquiry into the Australian Banks. What's happened there matters here because they control the banks that operate in New Zealand.

That inquiry found dodgy practices and potentially criminal behaviour.

These greedy corporates deserve everything they're getting because they have put humans last and obscene profit levels first.

While I applaud the crackdown on the banks, I worry radical changes could cost the Australian banks and they'll just shift that onto customers.

We as consumers could bear the brunt of their anger at being tipped up so publicly. Our Government needs to be on watch and ready to go into bat for us.

My message to them: Don't succumb to some grease ball with the title corporate affairs on his card, stick with the little people.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Sho, weekdays from 6-9am on Magic Talk, Three, and Newshub.