Duncan Garner: On Michael Cohen's testimony, a normal politician would be gone

Opinion 28/02/2019

By Duncan Garner, host of The AM Show.

OPINION: It has been a devastating morning in Washington DC. 

Call it the words of a seriously sad, regretful and revengeful man with nothing else to lose as he heads to jail.

Michael Cohen has coughed, the discredited personal lawyer of American President Donald Trump - the man arguably closest to Trump over the past 10 years - has spilled his guts.

He's dumped on Trump and kicked him in the head for good measure.

He's ratted on Trump. Make no mistake, this is a calculated and conscious unveiling of what happened behind closed doors when Trump thought no one else was listening or would ever hear. 

Under oath Cohen described Trump like this: Trump is a "liar", Trump is a "conman" and Trump is a "racist". 

He said he was loyal to a man when he should not have been.

He said he was mesmerised by him and did things for him that he should never have done. 

He was intoxicating, Cohen said.

"He monopolised my life, I saw his true side, the good and bad, but he's fundamentally bad and fundamentally disloyal. Mr Trump is a racist."

Trump apparently once asked Cohen to: "Name a country run by a black person that isn't a shit hole". 

Cohen said he had no desire to lead the nation and he never expected to win.

The campaign, for him, was always a marketing opportunity, Cohen said.

"I always knew I had to lie for Trump. No one questioned it then and no one really questions it today. Mr Trump is a cheat, Trump is fundamentally disloyal and dishonest and Trump is a conman."

Cohen said Trump got him to pay off adult film star Stormy Daniels US$130,000 after their alleged affair. 

Cohen alleges he used his own money and was asked to lie to First Lady Melania Trump about this affair. 

"Trump has since paid me back in instalments while he was President. 

"He's a conman who even made me bully and threaten his old schools to never to release his grades. 

"I have fixed things but I am no longer your fixer, Mr Trump."

Right, this is what I think, on this testimony alone a normal politician would be gone - humiliated and walking the gauntlet before walking the plank. 

But Trump isn't normal, his presidency isn't normal. The new normal is on Trump's terms.

Is Trump fit for office? Not on today's evidence. But will he stay, sure, but that can change so there'll be more uncertainty and confusion, just what the world doesn't need.

Grab an industrial amount of popcorn and watch the potential meltdown of a "conman" - Cohen's word, not mine.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.