New movie imagines a world where The Beatles had never existed


Watch the trailer above for the new film from Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle and get a glimpse into a world without The Beatles. 

So what type of world would we live in if the Fab Four had never risen to fame 50 years ago? Here are five things we would likely be without today:

1. The 'mythology' of a band
The age old tale of how a band meet at school, learn together, become famous, then split acrimoniously originated with The Beatles, and it could be argued that without the band's existence, the tale would not exist either. They became an institution for everything a band should be: sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and even religion and meditation. 

2. Bands writing their own songs
The Beatles were by no means the first band to write and record their own songs, but they were the ones that established it as an expected standard. Before them, it was the standard to select and record a track written by professional songwriters - The Beatles changed that in making it unpopular. 

3. Bands progressing with each release
The remarkable advancement between The Beatles 1963 'Please Please Me' LP and 'Sgt Pepper' four years later was basically unheard of. They had evolved astronomically in such a short space of time from a beat band with teenage fans to songwriters who were acclaimed by musicologists the world over. The Beatles pushed the music world majorly in terms of creativity.

4. The album as a piece of art
The same goes for album creativity - before The Beatles, the pop album was many recent hits with a heap of filler. From 1965s 'Rubber Soul' onward however, the band's long plays had an identity and feel of their own, leading to the first "concept album" 'Sgt Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band' two years after - an album which didn't even contain a single.

5. "World" music on pop records
George Harrison first encountered Indian instruments on the set of the movie 'Help!' back in 1965, and it was his interest in learning the sitar that brought music from other cultures into the mainstream. The band also brought electronica, avant garde soundscapes, classical music and many other genres into the realm of simple pop songs. We wonder where pop music would be now if they hadn't taken such risks.

So thank you The Beatles, you truly did change the world.