Peter Williams gives a rundown on the political parties after last night's poll results

News 19/02/2019
Simon Bridges. Photo: File.

After last night's latest Colmar Brunton polls, Peter Williams gives an update on New Zealand's political parties.

There's more bad news for National and its leader Simon Bridges, with another devastating poll confirming their support has plummeted.

The latest 1NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows the Nats have fallen four points to 42 percent. Meanwhile, the Labour is up two on 45 percent since the last 1NEWS survey in November.

The Greens are up one to 6 percent, while New Zealand First is down one to 3 percent.

There's no escape for Mr Bridges in the preferred Prime Minister polling. He languishes on 6 percent - the same as his MP Judith Collins - compared to Labour leader and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who enjoys a comfortable lead on 44 percent.

The figures confirm many of the conclusions drawn after Newshub''s Reid Research poll last week, in which National nosedived to 41.6 percent - down 3.5 percent - and Mr Bridges fell down 3.9 to 5 percent.

Labour was on 47.5 percent, up a resounding 4.9 - the highest it's ever been in our poll.

This meant Mr Bridges had overseen his party's worst result in over a decade. Not only that, but more New Zealanders would like to see Judith Collins as Prime Minister than the actual leader of the National Party - she's shot up 2.5 to be above him on 6.2.

But Mr Bridges brushed it off.

"I'm very comfortable and confident in my leadership," he told Newshub - repeatedly.