Ryan Bridge: We just got scammed by Air NZ

Opinion 26/02/2019
Air New Zealand A320-Neo. Photo: Supplied.

By Ryan Bridge, Magic Talk Drive host.

OPINION: It was supposed to be ground-breaking. The biggest price revolution to beset our national carrier in more than decade.

Fares slashed. Some halved. Jetstar who?

What we actually got today was confusion, little detail and no word from AirNZ boss Christopher Luxon. No interview on my drive-time radio show. No TV spot in the evening.

Odd. On the day you launch a revolution, the leader should be present. Basking in the glory and commanding respect from the adoring public.  

What we got from out national carrier was a press release confirming price cuts, some up to 45% off.

But there are so many questions we don’t have answers for.

Questions for Christopher Luxon:

  • How many of these fares per plane will be offered?
  • Are there a certain number guaranteed each year?
  • Are they only available at limited times/dates?
  • If so, what times/dates?

The claim that 750,000 fares will now be offered at $50 or less p/a sounds fantastic.

  • But how many were offered last year? What’s the difference going to be?
  • Will this be a cost neutral exercise for AirNZ?
  • Will passengers at other price points or package types end up paying more to compensate?

Only once these rather important questions are answered will we begin to understand how significant today’s announcement was in reality.

Is this a full meal or just a cookie and a cuppa tea?

An open invitation to you, Chris. 

Come on the show tomorrow and clear a few things up, because from where I’m sitting it's looking a little cloudy with the chance of a con job.

What is it, a revolution or clever ruse? 

Ryan Bridge is host of Magic Talk Drive.