Sean Plunket: 12 rules for dealing with Jordan Peterson's visit to NZ

Opinion 18/02/2019
Photo: File.

By Sean Plunket, Magic Afternoons host.

1: Don’t take dietary advice from him.  Even he accepts his “meat only” regime is kind of weird.

2: Don’t mention his name in front of anyone who is woke, liberal, snowflakey, third wave feminist, or climate change obsessed.  They will lose their minds, call you a misogynistic climate change denier and denounce and deplatform you in any way they can.

3: Don’t mention his name in front of anyone who is a Nazi, a trump supporter, misogynistic, alt-right, anti-Semitic, racist or a climate change denier. They will tell you he is the messiah and ask to marry you and have children.

4: Don’t believe everything you read about him. Already a number of NZ “journalists” have written articles which repeat deliberate mistruths about him.

5: Do take the time to watch some of the hundreds of YouTube clips of Peterson lecturing or being interviewed. Ignore the headlines which will talk about him destroying or being destroyed and just watch the stuff with an open mind.

6: Prepare to not be outraged.  Peterson isn’t trying to whip you into a revolutionary fervour. He is intellectually forceful but not an ideologue.

7: Get ready to nod a lot and find yourself agreeing with what he says because he’s saying stuff you already know to be true.

8: Don’t worry if you don’t get everything he says.  He is a professor and academic, so he tends to make references to stuff a lot of people haven’t read. He can be pretty intense.  The bewilderment of the partisan liberal interviewers who find it hard to dominate encounters with him can be pretty amusing though.

9: Do try to watch his discussions with Russell Brand, they are great examples of two people, who probably don’t have much at all in common, successfully having a respectful dialogue.

10: Don’t get too caught up in the lobster thing (Its complicated).

11: Don’t think Petersen is just for males, his messages are universal.

12:  Make up your own mind.

Sean Plunket is host of Magic Afternoons, weekdays from 12-3pm.