Sean Plunket: The 'woke' Mayors who signed the climate change declaration

News 21/02/2019

The Local Government Leaders' Climate Change Declaration was introduced to hold regional leaders accountable for taking steps towards reducing carbon emissions.

On Magic Talk, Sean Plunket listed some of the local bodies who signed the declaration. 

Plunket says he wonders if any of the signees had asked their constituents if they wanted to "go woke on climate change," or not.

He said the 23 local bodies who have not signed the declaration are "decent and upstanding", and called the declaration "virtue-signalling rubbish".

"... you can all wander around, signing your declaration instead of just getting on with your job, doing what people - who voted for you - want you to do, rather than kowtowing to the new religion of climate change."

Fifty-five local bodies have signed the declaration so far.

According to Plunket, the "woke" local bodies that signed include:

  • Dave Cull, Dunedin (you're woke)
  • Lianne Dalziel, Christchurch (not surprising)
  • Ray Wallace, Hutt City, and Wayne Guppy, Upper Hutt City (climate change tree-huggy)
  • Rachel Reese, Nelson
  • Steve Chadwick, Rotorua (she's a leftie)
  • Justin Lester, Wellington (of course)

The local bodies not yet signed up:

Manawatu District Council, Tararua District Council, Taupo District Council, Far North District Council, Thames-Coromandel District Council, Ōpōtiki District Council, Hamilton City Council, Ōtorohanga District Council, Wairoa District Council, Horowhenua District Council, South Taranaki District Council, Kaipara District Council, Whangārei District Council, Stratford District Council, Buller District Council, Hurunui District Council, Timaru District Council, Mackenzie District Council, Waimate District Council, Waitaki District Council, West Coast Regional Council, Westland District Council and Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Magic Talk.