The Chase's Shaun Wallace attempts same 90-second Kiwi quiz as The Governess

Entertainment 13/02/2019

Shaun Wallace, known for his role as "The Dark Destroyer" on UK television show The Chase, has taken on a 90-second Kiwi quiz shortly after touching down in New Zealand.

When Wallace's co-star Anne Hegerty (or, The Governess) was last in New Zealand, she took a stab at Kiwi trivia created by radio host Carly Flynn.

Wallace needed to guess eight of out 15 questions correctly to beat Hegerty's previous score - a challenge he was willing to take with Magic Mornings host Peter Williams.

The British television star also told Williams about his career beyond quiz shows, with legal credentials as a criminal defence advocate.    

"I always wanted to be remembered as a lawyer who happened to be on The Chase, not the other way around," he told Magic Talk.

Wallace recently released his autobiography Chasing the Dream in the UK, which will be available shortly in New Zealand.

Watch the full interview with Shaun Wallace above.

Magic Talk.