Lead Psychiatrist of National Telehealth Service shares the massive increase in calls to their service

News 18/03/2019

Sean Plunket is joined by Dr David Codyre, Lead Psychiatrist, National Telehealth Service.

Dr Codyre revealed that the number of people using their services have been extremely high following the tragic terror attack that unfolded in Christchurch on Friday. Following PM Jacinda Ardern's broadcast where she pushed their services to call or text 1737, Dr David Codyre revealed they had ten times the normal volume of calls. Across the weekend he estimated that they received about four to five their normal volume.

Dr Codyre said he was proud of his team, who were mostly able to get to the people calling and texting within their target of 20 seconds. But he does say that they are doing their absolute best to get to everyone's calls as well as not trying to rush others off of the phone. 

If you would like to get in contact with Dr David Codyre or his team, call or text them on 1737.