Duncan Garner: Good on advertisers pulling ads from Facebook

Opinion 19/03/2019

OPINION: How on Earth does Facebook, Youtube and the like get away with publishing such heinous and offensive content like the killing of 50 people?

They are broadcasting live, cold-blooded executions.

A 17-minute video that none of us in mainstream media would ever consider showing our audience, because you don't need to see that, no one does, it's tasteless, clueless, classless and crass. 

And, worse still, it actually helps these killers decide how to carry out these attacks.

They want to be famous or infamous; they want the world to witness their despicable crimes, their hatred and evil. They want to get others on board.

And we standby and allow it. 

Facebook is a huge organisation, a global giant.

It's quick to send advertising bills and clamp down on stuff it doesn't want - like the odd breastfeeding mother.

But these nightmarish videos are allowed to be streamed live and are left to multiply for our kids to witness. 

It's time our Government joined the Australian government and led a coalition of the most powerful leaders in the world to knock on Facebook's door and say 'hey Mark Zuckerberg use one of your many millennials chilling on a bean bag to shut these hideous live streams down'.

We need to put pressure on them or walk away from the platform altogether.

Burger King, Spark, Lotto, ASB and the others that are pulling their social media advertising - good on you.

I like it. Who else is willing to do that? Let's walk away from a platform that supports terror.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.