Duncan Garner's open letter to James Shaw

Opinion 15/03/2019

Dear James,

This attack - the punch to the head - it was cowardly, dangerous. What a downright loser, and who knows what his beef is. 

I'm angry about this. You don't deserve it. You deserve to be safe. That should be our priority, but man I hope this doesn't result in MPs being locked away in their own bubble with little contact with the outside world. That would be a sad, sad day and a poor approach to this despicable act. 

Every New Zealander should be able to walk to work without the fear of being attacked.

I know, James, you walk the walk and talk the talk, because you're a greenie who refuses to drive walking is your thing.

Let's hope you carry on because it shouldn't be a courageous act to simply walk to work. New Zealanders, James, have incredible access to their politicians. If you want to see your MP, you can.

Our MPs are among the most accessible in the world. It's true we have as a result been complacent for far too long, but let's not over-react and change that. 

James, I know you are sensible about this stuff. Let's work to weed out the meatheads. James, your Government has its critics. Just yesterday I met a property developer with 33 properties and he planned to build 60 apartments across them by sub-dividing.

He's now not doing it because of the capital gains tax. He ripped his plans up in front of me and I sensed his anger.

Sure, be angry if you want but to those angry with change, there is NO excuse.

Stay within the law when arguing with this Government. Use words, not fists, as the good book says, (and I don't quote it often) "In your anger, do not sin". 

Impossible, I know.

James, take care, recover well.

Kindest regards,

the Team at the AM Show.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.